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Recipe Development

There are few things I enjoy more than developing recipes. I’m constantly thinking up new and creative dishes that are tried & tested in my very own kitchen. So, let’s work together!

If you’re looking to partner with an experienced food blogger to develop and test recipes, then I’m your girl. I’m always looking for a new challenge and love working with specialized food products! While I specialize in gluten-free recipes, I’m also skilled in developing vegan, vegetarian, paleo, desserts, and savory recipes.

Food Photography

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and nothing is more accurate when it comes to food photography!

The Bottomless Pit first began as just a college student taking pictures in her dingy apartment with her iPhone. Today, The Bottomless Pit is a vibrant food photography agency that features bright and delicious food, cocktails & more!

With my food photography service, you also receive food styling and photo editing! I work remote from my home in San Diego but am also available to travel to you! Please visit my portfolio to see more.

Video Creation

TikTok changed how people consume content, and Instagram was quick to follow their lead by introducing reels. Now, Instagram rewards video content in the algorithm more than photos. This switch has asked brands to reevaluate the content their producing.

As video content is in high demand, and also more time-consuming to create, more and more brands are looking to creators to provide UGC and professionally styled videos. Take a look at some of the reels that I’ve created, and TikTok videos that I’ve produced for my audience of almost 20,000.

Sponsored Blog Posts

A huge part of being a food blogger is writing captivating content and connecting with my readers. A good blog should make people feel like they are right there in the kitchen with you. And as a food blogger, I pride myself on creating relatable, easy-to-read content.

A sponsored blog posts offers brands and companies the chance to reach a new audience from a reliable source. Readers who engage with my blog are not only interested in my recipes, but trust that I’m going to deliver on my word.

This opportunity is a great way to get in front of readers that are aligned with the same value!


Giveaways are a form of sponsored content that I’ve found a lot of luck with! Giveaways work so well because like sponsored blog posts, they allows brands to get in front of a readers through a reliable source.

Most giveaways have a follow and share rule that allows brands to generate a lot of engagement quickly. Giveaways are great for brands just getting started or brands looking to partner with like-minded companies for a bigger giveaway.

Brand Ambassadorship

Nowadays, most companies offer a Brand Ambassadorship program to form a large network of like-minded creators. Brand Ambassadorships are a great way for brands looking to grow and get in front of multiple niches through creators.

As a food blogger, I spend an abnormal amount of time in the kitchen. Any product from ingredients, equipments, and even linens that make my life easier has my seal of approval! I am always open to partnering with brands that align with my values and collaborating as a Brand Ambassadorship. As a Brand Ambassador, I would showcase the product through my website, socials or advertising space on the blog.

Product Reviews

Whenever I try something new, whether it be an ingredient or kitchen tool, I always read the product reviews thoroughly. In an age where there is literally thousands of different aprons, hot sauces, etc., there’s nothing like getting the good and bad from real people who tried and tested the product.

If you’re looking someone to provide the honest truth (with feedback) on your product, let’s partner!